Militello Capital

UX Lead • Web App

Militello Capital is a private equity investment firm. Their funds include both real estate and venture capital. To support core business functions and help transition to a fully digital operation, Militello worked with Viget to build the first version of Access, a custom Rails app to manage documents.

From the start, our team approached this project as an MVP. Our goal was to work concurrently, iterate quickly, and define the product as we progressed based on stakeholder and user feedback.

Access was concieved as a tool for investors, financial advisors, and Militello administrators. Each role was associated with specific permissions as well as various document management workflows. To manage this complexity, we needed a flexible design system that could handle both known and future functionality. Material Design proved to be a valuable starting point.

In addition to document management, considerable thought was given to investor registration. We wanted the on boarding experience to feel professional, intelligent, and secure. Rather than a traditional form, information was captured incrementally across several screens. With this more human approach, we hoped to reinforce Militello's brand and build trust.

With basic registration and document sharing complete, the Access app was ready to test with Militello administrators and investors.